For Immediate Release                                             October 2000


One Step to Wealth

 William Bell, Financial Advisor



At first glance the title “One Step to Wealth” leads one to think this book is about getting rich. It is indeed that, but it is also much more. 

Bill Bell is a financial planner who clearly takes a unique approach with his clients.  He helps them articulate their dreams, and by together building a financial plan to realize those dreams, helps them to believe.

“Most of us operate from fear and a perspective of not having enough,” says Bill.  “Instead of dreams we have wishes – wishes that we don’t believe can come true.  Financial planning is a powerful tool when used to build belief.  And once you believe in your dreams your fear disappears; you see abundance, not lack, and you quickly move towards what you truly want.

“I’ve seen very powerful changes take place in people’s lives as a result of creating a vision and building a financial plan to realize that vision.  They are more relaxed, more willing to spend money to live now, and more confident.  The only thing that really changed was their belief.”

As the book says, “Don’t settle for what you now believe – stretch your beliefs to reach for what you want.”  In One Step to Wealth, author William Bell describes financial planning as a way of finding the inspiration needed to breathe life into our wishes.

The “one step” so articulately outlined in this book is in “knowing” what one really wants.  Most of us believe we know what we want -- when in fact we don’t. What we truly want isn’t money – it’s what the money will buy.  Understanding one’s unique relationship with money, and shifting our focus from money to our true desires, are powerful keys to unlocking the doors to unlimited possibilities, and wealth of every kind.

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